Thursday, September 24, 2015

Scorpio Universe

Scorpio is a sign of obsession 
Scorpio's are strong 
Scorpio's are typically characterized as being powerful 
Scorpio's seem to to know exactly what questions to ask 
Scorpio's are adept at learning the source and the core of any problem or issue 
Scorpio's love their friends 
Scorpio's see through the facade you put on! 
Scorpio's are shy until you make the first move 
Scorpio's forgive but never forget 
Scorpio's wrote the book on tough love 
Scorpio's are very mysterious 
Scorpio's core purpose is to look forward, not back
Scorpio's are who they are, and make no apologies about it 
Scorpio's don't enjoy one nights stands 
Scorpio's know what to say to get you worked up 
Scorpio's see all. They are very perceptive as well as intuitive 
Scorpio's are awake while they sleep 
Scorpio's are evil, they're evil l tell ya! 
Scorpio's know they're limits, they just choose to push those limits 
Scorpio's are masters of occult secrets 
Scorpio's cannot live without music. lt is their soul's therapy